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In October 2022, the Ifac association took over the management of the residence Le Foehn. Our mission is to offer accommodation for all types of income.

Indeed, we wish to be part of social tourism in a recurring and impactful way.

Our goal is to offer a recognized quality in our accommodations.


The municipality of Isola has assigned the management of its vacation center to Ifac with the aim of promoting it, highlighting its assets, developing partnerships and creating social links and economic activity.

This project is the result of a cooperative work which is inspired by local realities, its history, its heritage in order to fit in its environment.


Ifac is an association of popular education recognized as being of general interest, with a social, educational and territorial vocation. It is structured as a national network of exchanges and partnerships between local elected officials, civil society actors and the population.

Ifac elaborates and develops, with elected officials, professionals and the population, answers adapted to local needs and demands, including in the framework of public markets.

“Ifac defines itself as a school where each individual can express himself, take responsibility, cooperate, experiment and open up to the world.”

Martial Dutailly, General Manager

AN association aT THE service OF LOCAL actOrs

Ifac has three core businesses:

  • training ;
  • animation of activities and management of socio-cultural and educational spaces ;
  • advice to local actors.

Ifac is thus a crossroads for exchanges and partnerships with elected officials, professionals and inhabitants of a territory for the permanent education of all, the development of services to the population and the support of local initiatives.

Attached to its associative vocation and involved in the social economy, Ifac’s priority is the quality of its actions.

5 cHaractEristiCs OF ifac

  1. Its vitality: created in 1975, Ifac is one of the most recent national associations of popular education. It has a fresh look and methods adapted to its time.
  2. Its local roots: based on local delegations that have developed their activities in local communities, Ifac adapts its support and tools according to the needs of the territories and populations, in collaboration with elected officials.
  3. Its associative project: Ifac’s vocation is to accompany all people in their journey towards the ability to make their own choices, to assert their free will and their capacity to act in their daily lives as well as in their social lives..
  4. ts pedagogy: inspired by differentiated pedagogy, Ifac adapts its methods to allow everyone, at all ages, to learn, progress and develop.
  5. Its independence: Ifac was built without any political or partisan ideology, with a will to welcome the diversity of practices and ideas, in a secular and republican spirit.

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