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newsIfac Méditerranée Welcomes the First Service National Universel Cohesion Stay

The Le Fœhn vacation center in Isola, managed by Ifac Méditerranée, is proud to host its very first Service National Universel (SNU) cohesion stay from June 3 to June 13. This event marks an important milestone for the organization, with 126 young volunteers participating in this collective, civic, and committed experience.

This project would not have been possible without the invaluable support of several partners. We would like to express our gratitude to the State services, notably Mr. Bourabaa Madjid, Deputy of the Regional Academic Directorate for Youth, Engagement, and Sports, as well as Mrs. Elayachi Jihane, Advisor in the Development of Youth Integration Policies and Sports of the Departmental Services of National Education of Bouches-du-Rhône. A big thank you also to Mr. Rigolot Bertrand, Head of the Departmental Service for Youth, Engagement, and Sports of Alpes-Maritimes, and Mrs. Le-Gall Janick, Project Manager of SNU 06.

We also wish to thank Mr. Arnaud Ramero, director of Le Fœhn, as well as all the support services of Ifac Méditerranée, for their dedication and contribution to the success of this event.

This stay represents a unique opportunity for young people to strengthen their spirit of cohesion and their civic engagement, while experiencing unforgettable moments within our center.

What is Universal National Service?

The Universal National Service (SNU) is a program initiated by the French government for young people aged 15 to 17. First implemented in 2019, the SNU aims to promote national cohesion, develop a culture of engagement, and strengthen the sense of belonging to the national community.

Objectives of the SNU

  • Social cohesion: Promote living together by bringing together young people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Civic engagement: Encourage young people to invest in volunteer activities and engage in local projects.
  • Personal development: Offer participants opportunities for personal development through sports, cultural, and reflective activities.

Phases of the SNU

The SNU is carried out in three distinct phases:

  1. The cohesion stay: For two weeks, participants live together in a dedicated center where they take part in various educational, sports, and civic activities. This stay aims to reinforce the values of the Republic, knowledge of institutions, and develop the autonomy and responsibility of young people.
  2. The public interest mission: After the cohesion stay, young people engage in a public interest mission for two weeks, either in an association, a local community, a public institution, or a uniformed service (army, police, firefighters, etc.). This mission allows young people to contribute to society and discover new professional environments.
  3. Optional engagement: Participants can then choose to extend their engagement by joining volunteer schemes such as the Civic Service, the reserves of the armed forces or the voluntary firefighters. This phase is optional but strongly encouraged for those who wish to continue investing.

Benefits for Participants

  • Acquisition of new skills: The activities and missions offered allow young people to develop a variety of skills, ranging from project management to public speaking.
  • Networking and friendships: Living together during the cohesion stay fosters the creation of strong bonds among participants, thereby expanding their social network.
  • Knowledge of institutions: The SNU provides a better understanding of public institutions and their functioning, thereby strengthening the sense of citizenship.

The SNU is thus designed to be an enriching experience, forming engaged citizens who are aware of their role within French society.

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